HANK FOTO is the fotographer that not only has travelled the world with some if the best surfers, skaters, musicians and people who have entered his life from waking up to going to sleep! 247/365 is how he has always worked since starting with Surfing Magazine over 30 years ago!


You can purchase prints in various sizes!  If it can be printed on a material that seems impossible... Don't even! Because that's what Hank does. The Impossible. When someone say's... you can't? He says, " WATCH ME!"

As you can see going through his website that we are just getting started. Look at the "BOOKS" page and see just one of the projects we are working on! "Nobody has seen these photos and that's why we are giving you just a little taste of what is coming!

My name is Michael Gruszka. I'm the creative director and Hank's partner in this new journey.  Get involved. "LIKE IT OR NOT!" Here come the stories and pictures from the heart and soul.

 hankfotomyworld.com / hankfotomyworld@gmail.com